Natasha Sokoloff is a singer-songwriter, pianist, composer and arranger residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her incredible debut album “Silent Calling” is a collection of 12 original songs, written and performed by Natasha, effortlessly fusing her love of rock & roll, folk and classical music.

“Silent Calling” is a return to first-rate pop-rock, where great lyrics, rhythms and melodies evolve magnetically into a rich tapestry of sound. Her music transports you into a world that is uniquely her own, engaging listeners from the very first note.

“I sang in my dad’s choir from a young age and he frequently gave me the second soprano part, which often was the inner rhythm of the piece that weaved around the melody”.

Playing piano and harmonizing became Natasha’s primary form of expression and an integral part of her music as revealed in songs like “Just Like You”, “It’s True, Baby”, and “You’re No Stranger”.

A magical synchronicity brought together the group of talented musicians heard on “Silent Calling”, and the synergism of this collective contributed greatly to the album. Friendships were forged as the musical journey took them on a creative adventure across continents.

“We recorded the vocals and band at the legendary Avatar Studios in New York City, while the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, one of Europe’s finest, was recorded at Radio Magyar in Budapest, Hungary”, recalls Natasha.

The core band consists of Peter Calo (Carly Simon, Sophie B. Hawkins) on guitars and mandolin, Zev Katz (Rosanne Cash, Roxy Music) on bass, and Larry Ciancia (Fiona Apple, Everlast) on drums and percussion. Natasha performs lead and background vocals, while playing piano and synth.

“We were lucky to work with Roy Hendrickson (Paul McCartney, BB King, Ingrid Michaelson), chief engineer at Avatar Studios, who engineered, mixed and co-produced “Silent Calling” with Bruce-Erik Osborn. Bruce-Erik also provided the brilliant orchestrations for the 65 piece orchestra heard on the album”.

The result is a sonically powerful experience of compelling melodies and heartfelt vocals, seamlessly connecting you to the uncompromising and emotional soul of Natasha’s music.